Michel, Doug – Monkey Squad One #11



Monkey Squad One #11

Ah, the bane of the small press comics world: the second part of a three part series. Actually, I could think of a few dozen things off the top of my head that are bane-ier than that, but it’s always a little bit of work to get caught up on something that’s only published every few months. Doug does a great job of always putting a recap in his comics, although at this point I could use a damned flow chart to keep up with the always increasing cast of characters. I mean that in only the good way, as by #11 of a series like this your cast of characters should be huge. Anyway, things were left on a cliffhanger last time around, what with two of our heroes going up against a giant ant and his tiny rider and the rest of them making their way to the land of the women from #4 (why oh why is there no collected edition of this out yet? Financial plausibility schminancial schmausibility). One of these altercations is taken care of quickly, and we learn that many years have passed in this lady land since #4 while only a few months have passed here. The rest of the issue deals with spies, boob-shaped panic rooms, explaining what exactly is going on here and the introduction of what appear to be some pretty awesome new villains. The finale to this arc should be out in April, and Doug is usually pretty good at keeping his deadlines, so I’m really looking forward to seeing how all of this stuff comes together. Here’s hoping he keeps up the good work and finds a publisher willing to put all of these issues into one big old book. $2.50


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