Bonesteel – Jason




Just a general service announcement for everybody out there who spends countless hours planning, drawing and distributing comics: for the love of all that is holy, use a spell checker. Or a dictionary, or that friend of yours who placed 11th in their high school spelling bee. I’ll never understand why so many people are so willing to spend so much time on art and so little time on figuring out if you’ve got “actually” spelled correctly. Also it always sucks for me to open up with a rant when I actually (see what I did there?) enjoyed the comic quite a bit. This is a week in the life of Jason, that dude from the Friday the 13th movies, and I initially thought that Bonesteel was going in the same direction as John Brodowski’s Curio Cabinet (no I’m not going to explain the reference; the collected edition of that book is available and you should all have read it by now anyway). That turned out not to be the case, as Bonesteel’s take on the character was of a guy who punches in to work each day, selects the weapon he’d like to use and goes about his way. I was hoping to get some sort of explanation of Jason’s uncanny ability to sense when teenagers were having sex, but maybe he’ll get into that in later issues. Anyway, we get to see Jason in some downtime at the office, playing a game of cards with other horror movie icons (and I will now and forever object to that guy from Scream being included in this group), discussing ways to liven up their boring routine, and eventually getting a pet (sort of). Bonesteel doesn’t mess with hands, feet or faces, which gives everything a vaguely dreamlike quality, but the dialogue is funny and that’s all that matters in this kind of story. It’s worth checking out and I’m curious to see if he keeps it up, and if he does keep it up if he can manage to keep if from getting repetitive in a hurry. He’s off to a good start, once he finds somebody to check over his spelling…


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