Shapiro, Janice – Crushable: Ricky Nelson



Crushable: Ricky Nelson

Ah, the childhood crush. It’s the most important thing in the world while it’s happening, and something that is more than a little embarrassing when looked back on in the cold light of adulthood. This one is all about Janice at the age of six getting a crush on Ricky Nelson, somebody who the kids of today have most likely never heard of, but the feelings in here are relatable to everybody who’s ever had one of these crushes. Janice used her crush like a shield, protecting her from everything bad that she imagined to be in the world. She moved happily along with her crush, even “stealing” a friend from her sister based on the mutual interest, before something happened that prevented her from listening to his records, which changed everything. I’m guessing this is the first part of her projected graphic novel on the subject (unless she was having crushes before she could walk), and it’s something that looks to be fascinating, as she’s able to look back at all of this from her current perspective (that brief moment when she looked at his picture online while making this comic and concluding that he really was cute was nice). And if you’d like to kill a few minutes at work, this happens to be the first sample comic that’s on her site at the moment, so go nuts. Then come back for the completed edition later, because if she mentions Viggo Mortensen then I’m guessing that she has a lot of these stories. No price listed or on her website, so let’s go with $3 for no apparent reason.


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