Bonesteel – Ninja Girl



Ninja Girl

What an absolute blast of a comic, the perfect thing to read on a Friday afternoon before the weekend. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a video game in comic form before, but this one captures that feeling perfectly. This is the side-scrolling adventure of a female ninja trying to get to her destination but being accosted along the way by all sorts of people and creatures. We see her step by step, pretty much always going to the right but also sometimes going up escalators and back to the left before hopping out of the panel and onto the next page. It’s silent until it gets to the last few pages, and that silence perfectly sets up that final conversation. Due to the minimalistic art I’m not entirely sure if she was killing ninjas (and the occasional bear or bird) the whole time or if she eventually just started killing everything in her way, but unless that school she went through was a school for ninjas then I’d say she was just meant to be a killing machine. So yeah, this is a pile of fun, absolutely gripping all the way through, and you wouldn’t think that there would be this many imaginative ways to kill people with characters that are little more than stick figures, but Bonesteel proves you wrong on that one. Buy it and enjoy the mayhem! $5


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