Ed – Rude Awakening #1



Rude Awakening #1

Damn my personal ban on not posting any spoilers! I still haven’t figured out how to review a four page comic without mentioning the ending, and it’s even more difficult in this case. Ah, screw it. If you have this book in your pile from SPACE, or if you have purchased it from Ed, or just hate knowing anything before you might have had a chance to read it, just know that I liked this book BECAUSE of the last page, which damned near made me stand up and cheer. For the rest of you, this is a simple tale of a guy and a robot sitting at a bus stop (in the dream of this man). The robot asks the guy how he feels, the man misinterprets the meaning and gives a long sob story on the sorry state of his life. The robot finally explains that he meant to ask literally what it is to feel, tells the man to stop being such a whiny baby (in so many words) and the very brief afterword makes it clear that only you can change your shitty life, so stop complaining and do something about it. As I’ve read countless comics that are nothing but bitching about the state of the life of the artist (often very well done and artistic!), seeing that piece of advice at the end was damned near perfect. I have no idea why this is listed as “#1,” as it needs no follow-up, but this is definitely worth a look for anybody who feels the need for a change.


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