Baumann, Suzanne – As Eavesdropped #4



As Eavesdropped #4

This time around I decided to try and figure out where Suzanne was when she overheard these conversations, because there are some real doozies. Oh hi, if you’ve never read this series, Suzanne overhears conversations that are utterly ridiculous/offensive/hilarious and then draws them for our/her amusement. I think maybe she also takes conversations that other people overhear, but I’m not positive about that. Anyway, I know it would ruin what she’s trying to do here if she put herself in these stories, but I kept picturing her with a sketchpad under a bridge here, sitting at a movie theater there, or overhearing a weird conversation in her neighborhood in another spot. Utterly irrelevant to the content, sure, but once I started thinking about it I just couldn’t stop. Topics in this volume include (and if you haven’t already been won over by that cover I don’t know how to convince you to give this a shot) taking a picture of your own home, theft and misuse of a garbage bin, a bar and a funny hat, keeping your eyebrows groomed, misunderstanding support from your wife for an actual funny joke, kicking some guy in the face, the time sequence of personal injuries, getting a padded bra, upholstery, a sighting at a gay bar, being too intimidated to go into a bar wearing a t-shirt, a fantastic conversation on a bridge, reading cartoons, an Armenian discount and a sword fight. Again, these are stories that Suzanne overheard, not stories that have anything to do with her. It’s funny as usual and her art is still fantastic, so what’s the argument against checking this out again? $2


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