Sekelsky, K. & B-R, Saffron – Arubadingle




I’ll confess: I went into this a little leery, as I was afraid that this would be cutesy beyond words or that I wouldn’t be able to say anything bad about it because then I would be the monster who criticized the first comic by a kid who’s only 4. On the contrary; if anything this comic has convinced me that EVERYBODY who writes comics should be four years old. Things start off with four robots running away from something. Suddenly one of them stops and asks the group why they are running away from their grandma. The response? “That’s not grandma! Grandma doesn’t have a goatee!” This is followed by a shout of terror, renewed running, and we’re off. It only gets crazier from there, and only in the best possible ways. There’s the panel of a tied-up grandma, idly hoping that a robot eating shape shifting monster doesn’t impersonate her to try and eat her grandkids. There’s the good witch baby Ruby, who helps them out magically when it suits him, but is easily distracted because, you know, he’s a baby. And finally there’s Scott the evil wizard lawyer, who refuses to serve the group ice cream and sets bees after them. I do wonder who named the robots, as I don’t think all that many four year olds know what a “vajayjay” is. But hey, maybe she just picked it because it sounded funny, which it certainly does. This is a delight from start to finish, and I should at least mention that K. Sekelsky does a great job of illustrating the action. I think this should become a tv series immediately, or there should at least be a few more of these comics showing the further adventures of the Arubadingles.


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