Reed, Desmond – Uncles #1



Uncles #1

Uncles! Rarely is the word said in terror, but Desmond does his level best here to show why that should change. This one starts off with a young man and his girlfriend wandering off into the dark woods to try and find their missing dog. They stumble across a group of Uncles eating stuff out of a dumpster, which seems a bit odd out in the middle of the woods, but ignore that bit. Possibilities race through the mind of the young man, as he’s well aware of what a terror these creatures are, but he finally settles on a solution: running away. Unfortunately this plan leaves out his girlfriend, and the rest of the issue is their eventual reunion and what happens to her after the fact. I’m used to seeing Desmond’s stories crammed into smaller pages after his last book, and this time around her really lets his characters breathe and show some full page reactions. And if you thought that maybe he chose to use a simpler style of artwork on occasion because he was hiding a lack of talent, well, worry no more, as this issue looks fantastic. I have no idea where he’s going with this (who would in a series about the terrors of Uncles?) but I’m thrilled to be along for the ride, as Desmond rarely fails to get at least a few solid chuckles out of me. Check it out, be the first on your block to learn the terrors of this strange group of people. Cartoonists, that is. Or Uncles! That works too.


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