Viola, Jason – Fear of Flowers



Fear of Flowers

I had to double check the name to be sure, but yep: this is the same Jason Viola who does the Herman the Manatee series. It seems like quite a leap to go from that to a comic with three stories/poems about different types of flowers, but hey, why the hell not? You’re not the boss of Jason and he can make comics about whatever he damned well pleases. Although more of those comics would not be frowned upon. Anyway, this is his take on three flowers, and I learned something new about each of them. There’s the sunflower, kadupul and orchid. I’d tell you the new stuff I learned about each of them, but this is a short mini and that would pretty well eliminate the need for you to read it, not to mention take away the joy of discovering this stuff for yourself. You may be thinking “I don’t care about flowers at all,” and I’d be right there with you, but you never know when this information might come in handy. Maybe your knowledge of the intricate composition of a sunflower is just what you need to wow that annoying boss at work, or to seal the deal with somebody you’re trying to date, or possibly save the world when you’re given a pop quiz about flowers by invading aliens. Knowledge is power! $4


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