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Sueno Loco

God damn, this is how you do a dream comic. Not that I’ve run across any particularly terrible examples of them recently, but if you keep a dream journal and have been thinking about turning some of them into comics, you should pick up this comic first. There’s plenty to love in that cover, and once you thoroughly absorb that image the comic opens up with Jaime in a mariachi suit working at a Taco Bell. One of those shrill blond older ladies with the awful orange tans comes in and tries to order an “enchrito.” Dream Jaime doesn’t hear her correctly the first time, which causes her to blow up at him. From there it’s a quick spiral down into madness, as an enchirito chant fills up his dream, the blond lady expands into an enormous angry head and Jaime is left scrambling for his dream life. It’s a quick read but it’s beautifully done, so on top of his other comics that I’m thoroughly enjoying now I’m hoping he keeps going on the dream comics too. Granted, there are only so many hours in the day, but here’s hoping Jaime uses as many of them as is humanly possible to keep making comics like this. Well, and Tortilla. And that he finishes up Turk Street Serenade. One of you publishers, give the man a pile of money to make this easier on him! You’d have a ton of great older material to work with just to start… $2


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