Brockington, Drew – Cat-Stronauts in Space!



Cat-Stronauts in Space!

There are times when you really can judge a book by its cover, or at least you can judge whether or not that book would be for you. What’s your general opinion on cats? Unless you’re a monster your options are “mildly adorable” or “completely, utterly adorable.” If that’s the case, what’s not to love about the idea of sending cats into space? Oh, you’re still curious about a plot? OK. The most important satellite ever needs repairs, and the cat-stronauts are the only creatures capable of doing it. That first page alone is a thing of beauty, as you have one cat mixing chemicals of some kind, another cat reading a book, another one pawing a star chart, and a final cat doing sit-ups, and all of this after a panel of scientist cats going about their day. From there it almost becomes a standard space adventure story for a bit (if you replaced the cats with actual astronauts in your head), with some funny bits thrown in, until the actual repairs come into play. Would you be amazed if I told you that a giant ball of yarn is involved? This comic is as cute as it can be, and I can’t think of a good reason why you wouldn’t want to experience it for yourself. If you insist on my throwing something negative in here I’ll add that I don’t see how this concept could go on for very long, but who cares? You already got a great comic out of it, and it’s not like I’ve always been right in thinking that a concept that looks a little thin couldn’t sustain a solid series. Check it out! Unless you’re a dog person, you weirdo… $4


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