Waurechen, Trevor – It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time #3: Artists in the Wild



It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time #3: Artists in the Wild

Before I start the review of the actual comic, I’d like a word with the artists out there who, like Trevor, were told at some point that their lives weren’t “interesting enough” to make a comic about. For the rest of you who see this line of criticism as silly, feel free to ignore the next few lines, but for the few of you who took that criticism to heart and actually postponed/cancelled projects because you bought into that? Don’t be stupid. It’s a dated reference, but does anybody remember “Seinfeld”? The answer is that yes, all of you do, because it made all of the money in the world. And what was it about? Nothing! Or to take it into comics, how many of the great comics wouldn’t have been made if the artists had taken that kind of criticism to heart? It’s not like all of the autobio comics in the world are about spy missions and fights to the death. Most lives are at least a little bit boring, so don’t ever be talked out of telling your story. Hey, my first rant of 2014! So hey, let’s talk about this comic. The events in here happened about 5 years ago when Trevor spent a week with his brother camping and painting in Jasper National Park. And it’s fascinating stuff, so phooey to whoever talked him out of making a comic out of it until now. Along the way they show their interactions with needlessly aggressive drivers, show the different types of campers (the people, not the vehicles), detail their various interactions with tourists with little to no grasp of English, mistake a muddy river bed for a rocky river bed, and the wisdom of trying to stay up late to party after a week of camping. It’s great stuff, and I say that as a person who has never had much use for camping as a concept. Check it out, help make sure Trevor makes a pile of money from this and proves his friend wrong.


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