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Inspiration Point

Hey look, it’s the first comic I’ve seen with “2014” written inside of it! Why yes, I am easily impressed, why do you ask? This comic is about… well, it’s about a few different things, some stated outright, and some implied and referred to obliquely. Which makes it tricky to review, as if I get into the implied stuff then you won’t be able to discover it for yourself naturally, which means this will be another mess of a review, which should really stop being shocking after 12+ years of me rambling about comics. This one starts off with a man looking up safe places to go jogging in his area and heading out right around dawn. There’s someone sleeping on his couch and covered in cats, but we don’t learn the story of that person quite yet. From there the bulk of the story deals with this man and the people he encounters on the jogging trail, how they react to him, how he reacts to them, theories about what they might be up to, and what this man is doing jogging anyway. All along the way he’s also clearly thinking about that person on the couch, but trying very hard not to think about it or pretend that it has any importance to him. The comic would work just fine as an observational comic about the various types of people on a jogging trail and the experience of somebody who is clearly not a regular jogger, but it’s the subtext of that sleeping person that turns this into a great comic. And I’ve already made it clear that I’m not going to get into the specifics about that, so just take my word for it that this is a pretty damned great comic and you should check it out.


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