Verhoeven, Kat – Towerkind #2



Towerkind #2

Two issues in and I’m already starting to think that I’m going to have to review these issues more quickly than just once a week. Or maybe just review more than one of them at a time? I’ll figure something out, but it’s clear already that things are going to happen slowly and that it would probably be a more rewarding experience if I read this series in bigger chunks. That being said, what’s going on this time around? Our hero from the last issue (the kid who was reading and wouldn’t bow to the “king”) slinks away from his confrontation in tears. He runs into a German priest (who is speaking German, so I have no idea if he tried to give advice or was just talking about the weather), then goes back up to his apartment. A tin can comes down to him as he sits on his balcony, and he starts chatting with a neighbor girl who isn’t allowed to use a cell phone. The rest of the issue is them going off on an adventure, once again raising the question of what powers the people in this complex actually have and how much of this is the illusions of kids with plenty of imagination and a lot of free time on their hands. I’m clearly enjoying this quite a bit, as it’s not like I’d be clamoring to review something more often that I was hating, but I still have no idea where it’s going. Maybe that’ll end up being a letdown, but it’s always hard to tell this early, and either way it looks like the ride is going to be a blast.


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