Verhoeven, Kat – Towerkind #3



Towerkind #3

More new characters are introduced this time around, and the line between reality and the perception of these characters continues to be as blurry as can be. In this issue we’re introduced to an unnamed woman who finds a dead bird outside on the apartment grounds. She strikes up a conversation with this bird, asking it how it died, and gets an uncomfortable (but plausible) answer. She also asks it if it wants a grave, and what type of grave it would like to have if it does. This leads to a conversation (with herself) where she remembers another burial and the lengths she went to to keep that creature company, but then the king of the apartment complex shows up and ruins things, as he has a tendency to do. That kid is quickly becoming one of those characters where some kind of comeuppance is going to be required to make things right. Unless the story is going in an entirely different direction, which is entirely possible, as I still have another 10 issues to read before I find out. Three issues in and I’d say that it’s safe to recommend this series, and I’m once again debating whether or not to step up the pace of these reviews so I can see what happens next. If the story keeps humming along like this I won’t be able to help myself.


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