It’s “Best of the Year” Week!

With the gigantic caveat of “best of the year of graphic novels that I’ve read.” Which, looking over the past year, is a pretty short list. I seem to be slipping in the quantity of reviews, so I’m either running out of steam completely or last year was just abnormally busy for me. We’ll find out which theory is correct together next year which! Anyway, I’ll be re-posting reviews from the past year at of some of the best graphic novels of the year. Please note that this is not a “Top 10” list, that the books are in no particular order and that it is possible to love very different book equally. And as I’m only posting graphic novel reviews, I should at least mention some of my favorite series/creators of the past year, so in no particular order: Sam Spina’s TARN (Sam Spina in general can do no wrong), Brian John Mitchell and his countless great series, Ohio is For Sale by Jon Allen, Slaves of the Megapode by Rob Jackson, Towerkind by Kat Verhoeven and Ryan Cecil Smith and his sprawling, ongoing SF series. Granted, that list looks short, but there also aren’t all that many ongoing series that I read. I think Dave Sim’s record of 300 issues of a single series is safe forever. OK, happy New Year week everybody, regular posting will resume on Monday or Tuesday of next week!

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