Reed, Desmond – The Littlest Pervert



The Littlest Pervert

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to read a children’s story based on the life of a pervert? Well, wonder no more! Maybe this isn’t technically a children’s book (no “maybe” about it, really), but that’s how this comic reads, which makes it extra creepy. As the title would suggest, this is the story of the littlest pervert. His tiny size makes him the butt of jokes amongst the other perverts, and it also makes him really stand out in police lineups, so eventually the perverts gang up on him and chase him out of town. From there our “hero” goes on a quest in the forest, and I have rarely been more tempted to spoil an ending. I’ll just say that I wasn’t sure if it was possible for an ending to be deeply creepy and somehow still a happy ending, but Desmond has managed it here. There are plenty of times when I wish a comic I was reading was a continuing series, but Desmond has put together a bundle of one shot comics that could only work in that format, and he has done it beautifully. I hate to think what would actually happen to this character after the end of this issue, but as a single issue it’s funny and unnerving, which is exactly what it should be.



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