Ferbert, Danny – Electric Transit #3



Electric Transit #3

Can you read the title of that comic from the cover or was it just me who was completely unable to make it out? The back of the book mentions the previous volumes, otherwise that title was going to remain a mystery. And I don’t know if the pages were shrunken down from a larger source or if they just came from a terrible copy machine, but there were several places where this was just completely unreadable. It took me back to the days before computer printers or the several other options available for putting out your book. Maybe you’re nostalgic for those days, but I’m not. Wow, look at that pile of negativity to start a review for a book that I didn’t hate! I didn’t love it either, but I get unduly annoyed when the basics aren’t covered, and that’s with me leaving out the spelling errors on the first page. Anyway, there are several smaller stories in here and one larger story. It’s probably my fault that I had a lot of trouble following it, as that’s what happens when you jump into the third book of a series first, but a synopsis somewhere never hurt anybody either. That larger story deals with two people who are hitchhiking their way… somewhere. We learn eventually that they’re going to New York, or at least that’s where they end up at the end of this story. Um, spoiler alert? They met up with some interesting characters along the way, but this was also the section of the book that suffered the most from bad copies/shrunken images. Other stories are usually either a page or less than that, but subjects include being forced to socialize, a new baby, porkratamus, a zombie dog, non-organic chicken and a complete lack of the giant robot that was promised on the cover. Overall I’d put this one in the “so-so” category, although it probably would have been upgraded if I could have read the whole thing. Here’s to #4 being more legible!


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