Derian, Evan – Miserable Americans #1



Miserable Americans #1

A fantastic concept can take a comic series a long way, and this series certainly has that in spades. This one starts off with two fugitives on the run, and you can already tell from that cover that they’re Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, but bloodied and armed. From there we learn who is chasing them, then gradually go back in time to see them waking up in their new environments. They’ve both been cloned (I think; that’s still a bit vague) and remember everything almost up to their deaths. They’re both given the cover story that their wives have been killed and that they’re both too injured to resume their presidential duties, and both of them gradually see things that lead them to believe that they’re being lied to. They’re kept separate, of course, and Kennedy is the first one to suspect those around him, as he was aware that there were rumblings about a coup while he was still alive and wasn’t sure who to trust after he “survived” the assassination attempt. Lincoln, meanwhile, has difficulty communicating with the staff, as his speech patterns don’t match up to modern day talk and the doctors can’t really keep up with him. Finally one of them is given help and, still not sure what exactly is going on, starts to explore the hospital. There are four issues of this series out as of April 2016, so it’s clear that Evan has a plan here, and the first issue moves along at a solid pace. We still don’t know exactly who is responsible for this or why they chose these two specific presidents (or people, for that matter), so there’s a lot of ground yet to be covered. It has me excited to see what happens next, which is all you can really ask for out of a first issue. $4


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