McCallister, Lauren – Bad Sex



Bad Sex

Right off the bat, Lauren might have my favorite disclaimer to keep the kids away ever: “Not for kids. What’s wrong with you!!!!” I mean, yeah. If the title alone doesn’t make the content clear then there’s not much else she can say to make it clearer. As for that content, yep, that title doesn’t lie. A few of these stories scream out for another page or two, but that’s mostly because I cannot imagine what happened next. Bad sex occasions include (and I’ll try not to spoil too much) drunken friend sex at a party, “stop moving so much” as a command during sex, a condom problem that turns a whole lot grosser by the end of the strip, blow job commands and “I can just pull out, don’t worry,” possibly the biggest asshole in the world (again, I don’t want to spoil it, but just an all-around asshole), and “Lost Boy” sex. Nope, not going to explain that. I also couldn’t help but notice that there was no cunnilingus depicted in here at all. Granted, I’m fairly out of touch with the youth of today, and maybe Lauren just didn’t want to draw it, but guys, that shit is supposed to come standard. 0 for 6 on the stories in here is a pretty terrible sign. Unless that’s just another reason for the title, in which case don’t mind me. Oh, and a fun fact: I bought this from Lauren at SPACE, and if you’re wondering if it makes you feel a bit like a creep to buy a comic called “Bad Sex” from the lady who had all that bad sex, a little bit, yeah! Stupid small town upbringing. Besides, I had been reading her True Life strips online, so the Bad Sex comic was what was new to me. Anyway, I absolutely recommend reading this. If you’re having sex you’re bound to relate to some of these strips, and if you’re not having sex this comic might make you decide that that’s not the worst thing in the world after all. $5


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