Meuse, Adam – Drawing is Hard



Drawing is Hard

At this point you could almost call “comics about how hard it is to draw comics” a genre of its own. Did the daily diary strip start that trend or is that just where they tend to show up the most often due to deadline pressures? Either way, this is one of the better examples of the genre that I’ve seen. Things start off with Adam’s brain pulling up a chair so that he can have an honest conversation with Adam about art, the futile pursuit of perfection even with constantly increasing skills and how it’s easier to thrive on potential than it is to risk that potential on actual art. It’s a fascinating conversation, with both sides making some really great points. Adam is still unconvinced by the wisdom of the brain, which is when his heart comes into the picture to share his opinion. It doesn’t say much, but what it does is devastating (which is what makes that ending so much more perfect). If you’re an artist who has ever doubted him or herself (or, in other words, an artist), this comic will speak to you in a big way. Any doubts you have about leaving a mark, or making a great work of art, or just being good at your craft are addressed here. If you’re not artistically inclined, it’s always fun to step into their heads for a few minutes, right? $5


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