Li, Jason – The House on Horse Mountain: Teacher’s Pet


The House on Horse Mountain: Teacher’s Pet

WARNING: This is going to be a review of the second chapter of an ongoing graphic novel. I haven’t read the first chapter and I don’t know what’s coming next, so take all that into account when reading my ramblings on the comic. The graphic novel as a whole is based on the stories of Jason’s mother and her time growing up in Hong Kong in the 60’s. The subject of this chapter of the graphic novel is simple: it’s all about grades 1 through 6. She was the school equivalent of an authority figure from a very early age, and it’s clear from this book that she was mostly in it for the free gifts from the teachers for being good. We get to see how the various teachers interact with her, and later in the volume we get to see how she reacts to that dreaded grade school social scourge: being diagnosed with head lice. Based on what I saw in grade school, the teachers in Hong Kong were a lot more circumspect on the privacy aspect. It’s an intriguing peek into a side of grade school life that I never saw much (i.e. being an authority figure as a small child), and I’m curious to see where this graphic novel goes next. It’s worth a look, although if you’re not the patient type you might want to wait for a few more chapters to be finished first. $12

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