Havasy, Joe – Misanthropic Cavalcade #3



Misanthropic Cavalcade #3

There must be something in the water down there in Athens, Georgia.  Way too many of those people are way too good at this comics business.  This is another collection of weekly strips from a local paper, and if these are the greatest hits it makes me wonder about the “crappy” ones, as these are 100% pure awesome.  In here we get stories about closure after the end of a relationship, snail murder (probably not the way you think), a walk in the park, how girls are dumb, a conversation between ducks and a platypus, a young boy trying to train birds to clean his teeth, a cautionary tale of the sea, putting on the moves, insomnia, freezing up in front of the women folk, a new hat for a little girl, a romantic practical joke, and aliens.  I could go on and on about how many times I laughed while reading this, but why bother when you could figure all this out for yourself?  I went over to Joe’s website and he has (I counted) 161 strips up there for free, mostly in color, and mostly not the ones included in this collection.  People who come to this site to find good places to kill time at work, take note.  Also, I couldn’t decide on just one sample strip this time around, so I’m using two.  Joe, if you would like to sue me, please note that I have no money to speak of.  I’m offering as a settlement every comic I have with either Quasar or Namor in it.  $3



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