Davis, Andrew – Little Circle and the Wishing Fairy


Little Circle and the Wishing Fairy

So I got a bunch of mini comics in the mail over the weekend, and it looks like most of them have little to no contact info. Which is going to be a shame if they’re all as funny as this one, but we’ll see as I go I guess! This is actually from a fairly lengthy series called Samantha Comics; I’m guessing Samantha Ann Peartree is actually not a real child that Andrew gets his ideas from. But since his former website is now just a site for boner pills (which is the fate for all abandoned websites, sadly), I’m just going to assume that he’s making all this up himself. This one is all about a child named Little Circle, and all she wants in the world is to look at circles and ideally for everything to also be a circle. She’s wishing out loud one day, which calls the attention of a fairy who’s just a gigantic asshole fairy. LC (Little Circle; I’m not going to type it out every time) thinks she’s getting her wish granted but is turned into a fruit bat. She tries to make the best of it and make friends with other bats, this goes poorly and she decides to take another crack at the fairy. LC is turned into something else, and it’s starting to seem like she’s never going to get back to being herself. But… what if she gets turned into something she likes even better? There are also a couple of short strips at the end, and it’s a thoroughly engaging comic with some funny bits, which is all you can ask for, right? At least his storeenvy.com site is still up (as of September 2020), so you can still get this for $2 if you’re curious. If not, the man has made quite a few other comics, so give one a try!

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