Update for 10/15/20

New review today for The Follies of Richard Wadsworth by Nick Maandag, and just in case I get totally swamped at work and disappear for a few weeks, this is the perfect book to leave at the top of the page. Still, I’m going to try to avoid it!


My online store is busted. Anybody who has tried to use it knows this already, but please know that I know that too. Since the store is basically a time capsule at this point, I’ve decided to shut it down at the end of the year, at which point I’ll be paying everybody whose books have sold (be prepared for some disappointment, artists!) and sending back whatever books didn’t sell, if they still want them. Meaning that if there’s anything that anybody would like to buy, you have a little over 3 months to do it. As the store is busted, you can’t just click and have it add them up, you’ll have to copy and paste them all into an email and send them to me. But on the bright side, there are some real gems in there, things that are just about impossible to find now. I mean, I still have two copies of Bogus Dead left, one of my all time favorites, just to name one example. So! I’ll be mailing stuff out weekly (all I can manage at the moment), and I’ll try to check the stock once or twice a week to give people a chance to substitute other books if they want. Contact info on the sidebar is good, so please use that. Oh, and I’m also selling other stuff not in the store (like all my Hate by Peter Bagge books; I’ll be getting the fancy hardcover edition when it comes out so they’ll be superfluous), so if you’re curious about that stuff just ask, otherwise it’s going onto eBay. Thanks everybody!

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