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Hey, it’s the third J.T. on the website! Relevant to exactly nobody but me, granted, but I thought it was odd. This is one of the mini comics that came in a pile from …? I wish I could say I remember exactly who sent me everything, even after months or years, but that is not even close to true. I remember it came in a bundle with several minis by different artists, and almost all of the ones I checked had no web presence at all. Makes it tricky to link for reviewing purposes, even if I do applaud them for staying true to the “trade and share” tradition of how mini comics uses to be found. Have I said a thing about the comic yet? Nope. Anyway, I did find J.T. online, although you’ll have to ask him about the comics, as there was no online store. This is a simple 8 page mini with a single panel per page, which is also maybe another reason why I’m rambling so much before getting to it. It’s all about J.T. questioning whether his grueling work routine is worth it, as he’s occupied seemingly every minute of the day. He’s also clearly responsible for quite a bit, so passing the buck doesn’t seem to be available to him as an option. Still, his question is answered when he gets home after work and sees what it’s all been for. I guess I won’t spoil the conclusion, even though it’s fairly obvious where it’s headed? Eh, maybe it’ll surprise somebody, who knows. It’s quick, but it’s a heartfelt story, and sincerity can be rare in the comics world. Like I said, I didn’t see a simple way to order this or his other comics through his website, but I’ll bet if you contacted J.T. he would have some ideas…

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