Update for 8/16/21

Happy 20th anniversary for Optical Sloth! I’m not sure of the exact date, but I know that it started in August 2001, so I figure this is close enough for a celebration, especially considering the fact that there isn’t a real celebration happening. If you’d told me 20 years ago that I’d still be doing this, and I’d still be making roughly zero dollars at it (there’s still the “once in a blue moon” comics orders, but it’s exceedingly rare at this point), I’d have said you were cuckoo bananas. But hey, I still like comics, so why not. I have a few ideas on where I’d like the site to go from here, but considering my lack of follow-through on several other ideas, I’ll just leave that to your imagination for now. And, as always, if any millionaires are reading this, send cash and I’ll turn it into more comics. Or send me a huge pile of cash and you can have your own in-house reviewer! As for the review, I debated picking somebody like John Porcellino who I’ve been reviewing the whole time, or maybe mini kus #100, as it is in my apartment. But in the end, a cute little mini came in last week from a guy I haven’t seen before, and what’s more in the spirit of the website than making that the 20th anniversary review? New review today for Sludgy #3 by Robb Mirsky!

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