Southworth, Barry – It Ends Badly #1


It Ends Badly #1

So I always check online to find the current website for whoever I’m reviewing, and Barry’s first result was Optical Sloth. That is a man either without much web presence or, if he is around, a simple Google search is not going to get it done. For long time readers of the website, you may remember Barry from 2005 or so? I think that’s when he started sending me books, so he’s been around a while. Or it’s possible that this is Barry Jr., as this is dedicated to his father Barry Southworth, and it’s been long enough that this might be an entirely different person. Just wanted to throw that out there! This is a collection of stories, but basically it’s one long story (with more to come, if that ending and “#1” are any indication) with a few shorties. It’s all about the Forsaken, who are Rachel, Albert and Nic. Albert is the guy you see getting lit on fire in the sample image, so he’s off to a rough start in the series. Rachel has problems of her own when she goes after a serial killer, but I can’t say much more about that without spoilers. As for Nic, he’s the serial killer. So is he one of the Forsaken, or is he just included in the title? Unclear! But answers have been promised for the next installment, so we’ll see. The other stories are snippets of ideas and existential thoughts. What else can I say without giving away the whole thing if I try to review single page stories? It’s an engaging and intriguing main story, but most of the shorter bits left me cold, if I’m being honest. But Barry has long since proven that he can tell a compelling story, so I’m more than willing to see what’s next. Unless this is Barry Jr., that is, in which case all bets are off… $4

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