Neal, Andrew – Meeting Comics #8


Meeting Comics #8

I tell you what, I had some doubts about the wisdom of reviewing every single issue of this series (that Andrew was nice enough to send me) instead of just doing the collected edition and a few random issues. Seeing it all unfold this way is just ridiculously impressive, as this is not a collection of characters that I would have guessed would turn into a coherent story. And yet! So far he’s balancing the demands of the gag strip (and keeping them funny, which is incredibly easy to fail at over time) with developing these characters. Not since the days of Garfield has anybody… ah, just checking to see if anybody was still reading my usual rambling before the proper review thing. If you’re the type to start reading a series with #8, like maybe it’s your favorite number or you lost a bet, you’ll still be OK here, but you will be missing a whole lot of context. Subjects in this issue include trying to corner Val about her thoughts for the future, the best way to avoid going home, the Ribbon Cutter losing his battle with temptation (particularly with Lassoline), getting a head count of the people in Kevin’s house, a ska joke that killed with me (but your reaction may depend on your historical ska levels), ethically debating going to see another shoot ’em up movie, a date with god, having HR describe all the personal pronouns, and the ecstatic dance of the childless. Once again that’s about half of the strips, so once again you’ll have plenty to be surprised by here, and it’s not like the other descriptions were all that descriptive anyway. Vague blathering while pointing the readers in the direction of worthwhile comics, that’s the Optical Sloth promise! $5

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