Uhrik, Henry – Lemonade Tango #2


Lemonade Tango #2

Everybody out there is familiar with confirmation bias, right? It’s how people who read horoscopes read them for weeks, thinking nothing of it, until finally they do meet a tall dark stranger, just like it said they would! Granted, it wasn’t correct for all those other weeks, but all of that time is instantly discounted because it finally hit on something that happened in their life. Well, I have a sneaking suspicion (especially after going back and reading my review for the previous issue) that Henry is maybe making a reference to me in the brilliant essay on the back cover. Why? Because I used this innocent cartoonist as a springboard to rant about how so many series don’t make it past the first issue, and he references how it would be a shame that the second issue would never come out before going into (in a funny, satirical kind of way) how this issue came about. Did he even read my previous review and, if he did, did he think about it for more than a few seconds? Eh, probably not. But he’s talking about the thing I was talking about, so I got all confirmation bias-y over here. See? That mess right there is why I’ll never be a teacher. Since there’s also a comic here to talk about, this one has a few stories in it, including the continuation (ending?) of the story from the previous issue. Joan lives next door to a brilliant cellist who practices at the same time every night, for what she calls her “private symphony.” When the police come around asking about a murder after an evening where there was no music, how’s she going to handle it? Rick is still trying to convince Martha to go to Paris with him, because to him there’s no better place in the world to propose to her. But Martha has her own plans, and they’re all mixed up in waiting for aliens to come after she finishes her tower. There are a couple of short pieces too, including one about whether or not spelling bees are sports, but I’ll leave that to all y’all. And yes, his afterwards are hilarious. Not better than the comics, just in case I am getting through to him and I came across that way the first time around. Really the whole previous review (and this one) could be summed up as “keep doing what you’re doing,” but if that was all I wrote for a review then I’d be out of a job. And all the sweet, sweet reviewer riches that come with it.

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