Bravo, Kyle – Forever and Everything #8


Forever and Everything #8

It’s the further adventures of Kyle and his family! This time around he’s calling it the “hashtag dadlife” issue, and that makes sense. The bulk of the strips do deal with his family (or his brief, futile efforts to get some time to himself), and here I am using a sample image that’s him all by himself. Look, the rule around here for sample images is that same as it’s always been: did it make me laugh? If so, in it goes. If not, meh. Anyway, digression aside, what’s in this particular issue of the series? Kyle talks about ignoring longstanding problems, finding a rat outside, things going drastically wrong with the edge trimmer, that screen life, the most solid reason I’ve ever heard to be afraid of Scooby Doo, time with his therapist, that moment at the post office when he really should have checked the price of first class shipping, and the hunt for what’s making that beeping noise at work. If you can’t relate to that last one, congratulations on never working in an office environment! It’s another solid issue, with one slight caveat from me, that isn’t even necessarily a bad thing. Kyle starts his bio at the back of the book by saying that he’s tired, and that fact is evident throughout the comic: this man is exhausted. That’s not to say that there are no funny or insightful strips; several of both can be found in this issue. And who can blame the guy for being tired? He has two small children! EVERYBODY in that situation is tired, all the time. But the real theme for this issue is exhaustion. Here’s hoping he finds that mythical work/life balance, because he’s trying to get to work on two larger projects that both sound potentially fascinating. Give this one a shot, exhausted dads! Either you can get some pointers in here, or you can just commiserate with the man about the ongoing lack of sleep. $7

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