Garcia, Nate – Gecko



God damn, but this is a thoroughly delightful comic. Judging from Nate’s website this is his third book (with possibly many more mini comics, who knows), and he presents what feels like a completely thought out sliver of a world, one that had me laughing consistently throughout at several little touches. For everybody who just comes here looking for diamonds in the rough, go to his website right now and buy whatever he has available (as of this writing, it was two out of three of his books). Learn no more information, just go, read and enjoy. For everybody who needs more convincing, read on! This was one of those cases where I could use almost any page as a sample image and be perfectly happy with it. New readers, my general rule of thumb is to use the funniest/most representative page of a comic. First off, this actually starts with letters, which I’m always happy to see. We see a standoff between a horse and a tiny gecko, which the gecko “wins” by licking the horse on the leg. The horse lets out an awful shriek, waking up the cowboy, which leads to the sampled image. Yep, I used the second page. From there our heroes get an early start on the day, then run into their drug dealing friend. They have a conversation I’m not even going to try to sum up before ending up stopping to get some food. Tragedy strikes at this point, and it happens right in full view of the service people at the restaurant, and I sadly have to stop here so things aren’t ruined. I tried! But there’s just too much goodness in here that you should discover for yourself. I mean, I’ve been doing this for 21 years, clearly I have some idea what I’m talking about by now, right? Yeah, so expertise doesn’t work that way. Still! There are also a few other short pieces in here. Two crammed onto one page both take very different paths to get to a similar punchline, another story involves a haunting search for salt, and the last one is a pinup from Josh Pettinger, who is also very good at this comics business. Buy it! Maybe we’ll luck out and he’ll get to make an animated show of this wonderfulness. $10

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