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It’s time for another fantastic wordless tale from Ben, and this is going to be yet another tricky review. Should I just give in and do full spoilers for every review? Eh, no. Even typing that made me feel gross. So I’ll do my usual trick of talking around the real spoilery stuff in the hopes that you get enough out of my other word piles to feel compelled to check this out. It’s possible that that last sentence gave away the secret of reviewing. Oops! This is one of those rare comics that starts with a content warning, so in that spirit I’ll pass it along here too: this comic depicts images of child abuse. The story starts off with a young boy on his roof, watching the stars, until he sees a meteor crashing to earth. As this happens he’s roughly yanked back into the house through the window, and the story shifts to the point of view of this alien craft, which ends up being a metallic ball that tries its best (with limited information) to adapt to its surroundings. After a dramatic encounter in the woods, this creature eventually runs into the little boy, who immediately and guilelessly adopts it as his new best friend. But he still has to take it home, and we already saw a solid hint that things weren’t going all that great for this boy. And there it is, I’ve hit the brick wall of the review. I’ll just say that Ben does an expert job of carrying things through to their logical conclusion and leave it at that. Oh, and in case Ben happens to read this: your note said that you shipped two books, but only one arrived in the envelope. Just an FYI if you wonder why I never reviewed the other one. To the rest of youse, give this a shot. It seems like Ben more than has the skills to get picked up by one of the big comics companies if they see his work, so enjoy his time making his own books while you still can! $6

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