Piskor, Ed – Deviant Funnies #1



Deviant Funnies

You know what I love? When a comic has “funnies” in the title and ends up being actually funny. And it also doesn’t seem to have a bit of angst, which is always a welcome thing in comics. Ed has a fairly wide range of stories in here, including a couple of personal ones (about a kid he used to know called “Little Bitch” and his most embarrassing question about condoms as a child), a couple of strips about the wonderful world of drugs, a silent epic about a zombie with a sense of humor and, my favorite, a story about a man who chains himself to a radiator. Which wouldn’t be funny, of course but he mails the key to himself in an attempt to impress his dominatrix and… well, any more would be giving it away. Funny stuff all around, as the title implies, and the man can draw well enough for Harvey Pekar to want to work with him. In other words, not much to complain about here at all. $3

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