Robel, Nicolas – Drawn & Quarterly Showcase Book One


Drawn & Quarterly Showcase Book One

This is a tale of divorced parents, an estranged sister and menstrual bleeding. The parts never came together into a solid whole for me, so that’s just about the best I can offer. The backgrounds are phenomenal (mostly old, bizarre wallpaper). The art is solid in general, as I liked the wide-eyed people. It was just one of those stories that didn’t have a good ending. It ends in a “huh?”, which isn’t always a bad thing, unless you get the symbolism of the ending and still can only think “huh?”. Hope this makes sense, as I realize I’m getting into fairly nebulous territory, but that’s my opinion of this. This one is easily missed, although nice to look (not that you could tell from my scan, so just trust me on this one) at if you do pick up the book. It’s also half of a book with Kevin Huizenga, so check out that review too.

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