Shonborn, Eric – The Red Fox of Kinderhook


The Red Fox of Kinderhook

Let me just tell you the concept here: One man controls every aspect of the world, and has for a LONG time. He destroys it every 2000 years and everybody forgets that fact, except for two people. That man? Martin VanBuren, 8th President of the United States. Come on, that’s just funny. How does it work as a story? Pretty well, actually. The memory of the two men is hazy sometimes, but one of them always manages to make it to Martin to try and convince him to let the whole thing go. This was one of six books that I got from these two at SPACE, and I picked it for review because it was the best (I’ll probably put up some of the other ones at a later date anyway). The problem with this one, as with all of them, is that the art looks scrunched. I don’t know if they had to shrink it down from regular comic size, but there are certain titles where it’s extremely difficult to tell what’s going on at all. The production of the comics, other than that, was flawless. Great color scheme for the six books, great covers and boy could those two sell! It’s probably a couple of bucks (I got all six I think for $5, but that might not be right and it might have only been a convention thing, so don’t get all offended if they don’t go for it) and it’s entertaining. Check out the website, plenty to see there if you’re curious.

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