Slack, Michael – Land of O


Land of O

Everybody out there knows how your mood can affect your reading experience, right? Or is that a cop-out? Anyway, I was kind of sick and squeamish all day long, and this book is nothing but one disgusting gag after another, so it didn’t do much for me. That could easily change on a different day. Stuff in here includes a severed head on a tricycle, a baboon heart, plastic surgery, pet babies, and plenty of stuff that I could describe for you, but it would take the fun out of your seeing it for yourself. gee, that sounds kind of like I’m recommending it all of the sudden, doesn’t it? I will say this for it: you’re not likely to see anything else like it. Michael’s mind is certainly a unique thing, and I think most people are likely to love this. Just don’t read it if you already feel like throwing up… Website!

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