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Seriously though, has anybody out there not heard of Bone? It’s not one of the series that I follow though, and I’m not sure why. I borrowed the run that my friend has about three years ago, read the whole thing in a row for the first time ever, and loved it. Couldn’t wait for them to get the next book and borrowed it as soon as they were done with it. About six months ago they were all being reprinted and I toyed with the idea of getting them all myself, including the ones that I still haven’t read, but I couldn’t afford it. Here I sit now, without any of the big Bone books and just a few scattered issues here and there, and yet if anybody asked I would say that I like the series. Maybe I don’t like it as much as I think I do or (more likely), it’s just too annoying waiting for long periods of time between issues. As I’m not completely caught up in the storyline right now, it’s a perfect time to wait and get them all when I have some extra cash. It’s a lot easier to follow a series when you’re already caught up. Anyway, here’s what’s in print.

Bone Volume 1: Out From Boneville

Bone Volume 2: The Great Cow Race

Bone Volume 3: Eyes of the Storm

Bone Volume 4: The Dragonslayer

Bone Volume 5: Rock Jaw: Master of the Eastern Border

Bone Volume 6: Old Man’s Cave

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