Spielman, Gavin – Falafel Fall-Out


Falafel Fall-Out

Who hasn’t had hippie friends in their time? And who hasn’t had hippie friends who, in spite of all their talk of love and a peaceful world, turn out to be total assholes? I’m venting a bit, sure, and I have met plenty of hippies who really were wonderful people, and plenty who were shysters/hooligans/lollygaggers. Anyway, there’s a comic somewhere around here that I should be talking about… here it is! This is the (autobiographical?) tale of a young man who rehearses with his band in the basement of a house full of hippies. One day, one of the hippies asks to borrow Gavin’s car and, after much tense waiting, manages to get it in an accident while he was out. Insurance isn’t going to be used and they end up having to get $1200 in 48 hours, and the hippie bows out of helping after saying that he’d sell his bike if necessary. Great stuff all around, and a great synopsis at the end about how people you know seem to just scatter to the four winds as you get older. It’s $3.50 (according to his website) and worth a look.

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