Update for 7/25/07

OK, A-S is all done, and if all goes well I should be able to finish up tomorrow, depending on how long it takes to deal with the mess that is the Various pages. As for the fundraiser, I’m a few orders away from being able to shut up about it, so that’s a good thing, and thanks to everybody who has bought stuff. Reviews for the past week that have been shoved off the main page: Earth Minds Are Weak #7 by Justin Fox, Black Book by Steve Black, Super #1 by Kevin Breslawski (available in the store), My Word by Missy Kulik & John Porcellino (also in the store), Nobody Can Eat 50 Eggs #31 by Steve Steiner, Panel #9 by Various Columbus people, Relationship(s): The Train by Mason Johnson & Daniel Salcido, Random Journeys #3 by Rob Jackson, There’s No Place #1 by Corey Bechelli, and Red Eye, Black Eye by K. Thor Jensen. New stuff in the store last week included Friends #3 by Francois Vigneault and a bunch of stuff by Corey Bechelli.

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