Thurber, Matthew – Bridge Cop



Bridge Cop

Take a look at that sample real quick before I get started. The whole comic isn’t like that, the panels are a bit more, um normally spaced the rest of the time and he’s not trying to tell an epic story in a single page. Just look at that and tell me what’s going on there, because I have little to no idea. Anyway, this is supposed to be about the whole comic and not just a page, I just wanted to make sure everybody got a good look at it. Bridge Cop is a movie, you see, about a cop who guards bridges (duh) and gets gradually demoted, if I’m reading the whole thing right. But the story is about the guy who goes to see the movie, as he only watches one movie a year. You also have his friend Groomfiend, some kind of a giant talking mouse that walks on two legs. And Tom Chief, the filmmaker. OK, so the whole thing was kind of all over the place and I’m still not entirely sure what I just read. So what? I’ll take that over formulaic crap any day. Here’s hoping I see more from this guy so I can figure out how I feel about the whole thing. I have to admit that’s a pretty sweet cover though…

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