Toft, Michael – Brain Food #5

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Brain Food #5

Well, I can say one thing for sure about this mini: it’s wildly inventive. Some of the dialogue seems stilted and some of the pictures look, well, a bit off the mark, but there’s all kinds of crazy stuff going on in the main story. It’s about a punk, a feminist and a straight man (this is according to another review in the book, it’s in the middle of the story so it took me most of the story to figure out who they were supposed to be) on a mission to stick it to THE MAN. It’s odd. I didn’t like it for the first 10 pages or so, but it’s just so earnest that it’s hard not to warm up to it after a while. He’s still learning but hey, who’s doing mini comics (besides John Porcellino) that isn’t? It’s worth a couple of bucks to take a look at this. There are a couple of other stories in this, but after the insanity of the main story it’s hard to be that interested in a trip to work gone wrong. Send him some money at: Free Lunch Media P.O. Box 7246 Minneapolis, MN 55407.

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