Tomorrow, Tom – The Great Big Book of Tomorrow


The Great Big Book of Tomorrow

Everyone reading this should buy this book right now. Does that take away some of the suspense of the review? Sorry. Tom (or Dan Perkins, as is revealed in this book) is my favorite weekly cartoonist, so I’m bound to be a bit biased here, but this book is incredible. It’s invaluable for anyone with no sense of history (which is, according to polls, a whole bunch of people), so they can see how what’s going on now in the world mirrors the other Bush presidency. You also get to see some of Tom’s first work, including a couple of regular comic stories he did in the mid 80’s. And to anybody who says that he bashes Bush too much in his strips (and how much is too much for a lying criminal?), read his strips about Clinton from the 90’s. Anybody who is corrupt is a target, and that’s a good thing. I can’t imagine a better retrospective being put together of a career than this. What you get is selected best strips from all eras, strips that were only in a few underground papers and are just now being reprinted, strips that were in papers like The Village Voice and which I’ve never seen anywhere else (in color, no less!), and photos of the author with people like Bill O’Reilly and Marilyn Quayle. I think this is going for less that $13 on Amazon right now, and it took me longer to read this than it did the latest Hunter S. Thompson book, so it’s more than worth your money. The range of topics here is incredible, and I’m just gushing so I’ll stop now, but this is the kind of thing that I’ll be getting extra copies of to give to friends at Christmas. As Sparky says more than a few times, if you haven’t heard a lot of the facts included in here before, isn’t it sad that you had to learn about it from a talking penguin in a comic strip?Buy it right now! Oh, and I was going to put up some samples, but why don’t you just go to his website and read any of his comics that you’d like?

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