Warner, Dan – A Bright Sunny Day


A Bright Sunny Day

The problem with outdated websites is that you’re never quite sure if the author is still working on comics. Luckily you can still order his older comics even if he isn’t, so don’t worry. This is a disquieting tale of a man as he wakes up one morning after a drunken night out, trying to put the events together. He realizes that he made a fool of himself to his co-workers, slept with a random woman even though he was engaged and made out with a man at a party. His search to find out if his fiancee knew about what he had done uncovered terrible things about her, and this comic is about him facing death and trying to put the day behind him as quickly as possible. Heartfelt and honest contemplation is always a good thing, and there’s plenty of that in here. Check out the website, I don’t know if comics are still being made but this Xeric winner is worth reading.

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