Watson, Rich – Rat: A Love Story


Rat: A Love Story

Anybody out there want to read a really solid, well done comic? Well, here you go. Sure, it gets a little sappy at times, but it’s a bizarre love story, so what do you want? The art is great and most of the writing is intelligent and stuff that people would actually say. For those wondering, it’s the story of a rat who falls in love with a woman and the lengths he goes to to try and win her over. Kind of silly, I guess, but it never really feels like a ridiculous story, which is a credit to the writer. It’s $7.95 and you can send money to 201 East 4th Street Frederick, MD 21701. There’s a website advertised in the book. Check it out, they have all kinds of books that were advertised in the back of this one.

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