Wostok, Danilo Milosev – Corkscrews Against Dope!

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Corkscrew Against Dope!

If anything can pull me out of this funk, it’s a batch of 12 mini comics from the fine folks at Stripburger, An international collection of the best comic folks around, at least that’s the impression I get. Still haven’t read anything from them that wasn’t exceptional, and this one is no different. Everything I’ve seen is just such a completely new way of doing comics. There’s really nobody to compare it to in North American comics. The closest you could get to this one would probably be some of Peter Kuper’s silent work (even though this one isn’t silent) and maybe a Bizarro Renee French. Like I said, hard to explain. The story behind this one is that the hero has a corn on his foot that he uses to catch drug users and a corkscrew that he uses to change their habit over to alcoholism. And he has three cops who follow him around (who kind of look like Frankenstein) who say “Huh?” to everything he does. Text under the pictures, it’s both confusing (I get the feeling that some of the words would have had slightly different meaning before they were translated) and engaging, if that makes any sense. Beautiful packaging too, both for the whole bundle of 12 comics and the color cover for this one. Try to find this whole batch from Top Shelf or contact the authors. I’m not sure who drew and who wrote, so here’s the info for both of them.

Danilo Milosev Wostok Drvarska 12 yu – 26300 Vrsac, Yugoslavia

Ivana Filipovic

Chris Staros over at Top Shelf told me that although the Mini Burger set isn’t available on the web page, you can still order it through their online catalog. Just go to the ordering page, click on #4 at the bottom (additional comments) and write in that you want the Mini Burger set for $19.95. They have it in stock, they just haven’t updated the site in a while. From what I’ve read, it’s worth it. There might be two bad ones in this bunch and a couple of mediocre ones, but the good ones are good in ways that you don’t usually see in this country.

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