York, Patty – Theta Graft #1


Theta Graft #1

Here’s a random comic out of Champaign, IL for your viewing pleasure. The story here is complicated, or at least it has the potential to be complicated: a group of scientists is developing implants that can give the recipient incredible speed and strength, and have medical implications that they are only beginning to understand. One of the recipients (the one man who seems to have raised doubts about the program at all) has escaped, and we spend this issue basically getting to know him and the rest of the cast of characters. They have plans to take this to at least issue #14, which is good, because there could be a lot of ground to cover here. I liked it more than I thought I would, honestly, but I do have a few minor complaints. The lettering switched from hand-written to typed right in the middle of the story, which is a very minor thing indeed, but why do that? It’s jarring for no reason. The art, in a few panels, looked kind of rushed and a bit bare. Still, minor things in a book that was pretty good overall. One question though: why the thing over their eyes (that thing covering his eye on the cover)? Is it just because it looks cool or do we learn a reason for it later? So: and intriguing story, one that could go either way, but has potential to be good. $2.25, send an e-mail for ordering info…

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