Young, Jennifer – Cold Summer Book One


Cold Summer Book One

Ah, the wonders of writing online. I just wrote a big old review of this that was wonderfully eloquent and had many great points about the meaning of it all, but it’s gone now, so you’ll have to settle for me being slightly annoyed instead of profound. Oh well, it’s probably for the best. Still, that’s not enough for me to like this book any less. It’s the story of four young women who head off to a summer camp so that they can quit smoking. The four women are India (spoiled rich girl from Georgia), Shing-Shing (girl who’s had a rough life and is trying to quit to salvage her failing relationship with her girlfriend), Astrid (snooty girl, but we don’t know much of anything about her yet so it’s too early to tell) and Amy (girl who’s almost completely silent, so there’s definitely a story coming there). This volume deals primarily with India, although we do get a brief synopsis of the early years of Shing-Shing and how she met her current girlfriend. India’s story deals with her not trying at all to fit in, running off when things get too tough for her and what she’s done to cope with her life in general. The art in here is great all the way through, don’t get me wrong, but it was the writing that really floored me. Ten pages into this book I felt like I knew all 4 characters well, and that’s quite an accomplishment for a debut book. OK, maybe it’s not a debut book, but it’s the first thing from Jennifer that I’ve seen, so it’s new to me. And did I mention that she bound all of these by hand? That just makes the whole thing that much more impressive. This is the best thing I’ve seen out of FLUKE so far, and I’ve already seen some pretty good stuff. This is a measly $9.95, check out the website and see what you think. If this is the first collected book she has I’d say that she has the potential to be a really great creator in comics…

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