Latta, Josh – Rashy Rabbit #6: A Rabbit in King Arthur’s Food Court


Rashy Rabbit #6: A Rabbit in King Arthur’s Food Court

If I didn’t know better I’d swear that was almost a happy ending on the last page of this book.  Um, spoiler alert.  Don’t worry, while it still has elements related to happiness there’s still the inevitable reality of Rashy’s crappy job, and the fact that his whole quest for the better part of this issue is a textbook case of “be careful what you wish for”.  Rashy begins the issue as a menial worker in a renaissance-themed restaurant in the local mall, and one of the first things we see of him is his getting crapped on by a horse getting ready for some jousting.  Things look like they’re getting worse from there, but he catches a break: his friend has happened upon a large pile of pot and they devise a plan to sell it and rake in the cash.  Rashy wants to use his portion to buy a ring for his girlfriend (Honey Bunny, from previous issues; the one who had a kid with Rashy’s enemy), but things get tricky when the entire staff of the restaurant (except for the hero jouster) gets too stoned to participate, leaving Rashy to step in as a jouster, and the owners of that large pile of pot track Rashy down.  Chaos ensues, but chaos of the funny kind.  Great stuff this time around.  I thought everything came together nicely in the end, but that sort of thing is only possible with an excellent beginning and middle.  Yep, that’s my bit of wisdom for the day.  Check it out, why don’t you?  This sort of series would go nicely as a graphic novel and Josh must have almost enough material to make that possible, so now all he needs is money/interest from you readers.  Get to it! $4

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