McDonnell, Lisa – Spring Break 2009: The Adventures of Vega and Leo



Spring Break 2009: The Adventures of Vega and Leo

I do always love the random submission.  Lisa sent along three comics, so expect to be seeing more from her here in the near future.  She also sent along a nice little fold-out with material from her comics and some other art, a sort of primer on her work, which would be a great idea for more people to put together who are looking for a concise (and free) way to get themselves out there.  One thing was immediately apparent with this comic: she has a great gift to pack a lot of material into a small comic.  The actual story here is only 6 pages long, but she manages to tell the story of how these two got a free vacation on spring break, what exactly they did on said break, what gifts they came home with and how they got right with the world upon arriving.  On a website full of oversimplified synopses of comic stories, that has to be one of the most oversimplified, but it’s either that or ruin this.  OK fine, I’ll throw a little more out there.  Highlights include Leo’s bug obsession, the giant blinking eye, the crystal skull exhibit (closed until 2010) and, of course, Lake Titicaca.  School children everywhere, rejoice: it is a real place.  The price tag is a mystery (going by heft alone I’d say $1), but it’s already apparent that she has a distinct voice and I look forward to seeing what else I learn from her other two comics.


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